Promoting Personal Relational and Community Wellness

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We provide couples counselling focusing on communication, understanding, intimacy, trust, forgiveness and lifestyle balance.

Men & Family Relationships

We work with families to assist them in managing a range of relationship issues. Court matters, counselling to deal with personal and interpersonal problems. Including relationship education, counselling for individuals, couples and families and extended family members

Victims of Crime

Preparation of reports and counselling. providing support for those who have experienced violence and the effects of crime and are finding it difficult to cope with everyday living. We also provide support for families and dependents of victims of crime, taking in to consideration the personal, the relational and community needs of the individual.


Providing genuine care and concern and respect for victims of trauma taking and eclectic approach to counselling with emphasis given to Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and incorporating psychosocial treatments for those who have experienced various types of traumatic events including multiple and complex trauma.


We provide diagnostic testing and assistance for the causes of stress both personal and in the workplace. We take an eclectic approach with a focus on using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in the areas of identifying the influences andcauses of negative beliefs and thoughts to achieve mood and behaviour change.


Providing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy-Evidenced based approaches to dealing with depression based on how a person thinks, feels and how thinking patterns, unhelpful thoughts, influence how a person feels. Education around identifying negative thinking that causes negative emotions.

Grief & Loss

Specialized and culturally specific counselling is offered for those experiencing grief and loss, the death of a loved one or other issues of loss.


We offer counselling focusing on the interactions between our thoughts, our feelings, and how this influences our behaviour.  Focus is given to education around physical, symptoms, relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, and exposure therapy.


Psychological & Intelligence Assessments

Personality Assessments


Intellectual ability and Intelligence testing. 

All tests administered by experienced psychologist. Test can be useful for careers, determining personal strengths and weakness and understanding and insights in to how we learn and interact with our environment. 

How Mildura Psychological Services can help you...
What is a registered Psychologist?

All psychologists are legally required to register with the Psychologist Registration Board in their State or Territory, in the same way medical practitioners must be registered. 

Seeing someone who is a registered psychologistensures you receive high quality ethical treatment and a rebate from medicare with a mental health care plan.


The Professional Relationship

At Mildura Psychological Services all our clients are treated with genuine care and compassion, taking in to consideration the personal, relational and community needs of the individual. Our focus is on providing adults, children and families with the necessary resources and tools for maintaining and thriving in our complex world. At Mildura Psychological Services the client/therapist relationship is established with the understanding and respect that the person is the expert of their own lived experience and that we have skills to share with the client.

Getting a Referral 

Referrals can be provided by your medical practitioner or you can simply call and make an appointment

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